mindset productivity Jan 03, 2023


About a year ago, I heard a podcast from Craig Groeschel where he talked about “decision fatigue.” While listening to this, I had a light bulb moment and discovered that most of my anxiety revolved around work and making decisions. I still struggle with both of these things, but I’ve come along ways so this series about anxiety has been really good for me to hear. Over the past year I’ve added some things to my weekly agenda that have helped my anxiety a lot. In an effort to help other’s who may struggle with the same things I thought I’d share what’s helped me. Again, I don’t have anything “figured out”, it’s still a struggle, and yet here’s some things that have helped me:

1) I meal prep my meals for the week on Sundays

2) Do all of my laundry over the weekend

3) I pick out every outfit for each day of the week on Sundays. This eliminates me having to decide what to wear each morning.

4) Sunday evenings I prepare for the week ahead and get some work done so that I’m ahead going into the week.

5) Made the decision to not take any meetings other than internal/team meetings before 1:00. No lunch appointments has changed my life. By eliminating lunch appointments I save SO MUCH time because lunch appointments take up so much valuable time in the middle of the day.


By doing just these 5 things, I have been able to take control of the anxiety/stress I felt around making small, yet necessary decisions. If you struggle with anxiety, no matter what your religious beliefs are, I highly recommend listening to this message series because I know it will really help you!

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