productivity time management Nov 09, 2022

Who else keeps your daily task/to-do list in a notebook or on a piece of paper besides me? Or if you don’t use a notebook, what do you use?

I’ve used a Notebook to write out my daily task list every single day for over 8 years now. I break it down into 4 categories:

1) Reach out to/follow up with

    -basically a list of who I need to talk to

2) Active/Pending/Upcoming Deals 

    -what I need to do on each deal

3) Miscellaneous Business Tasks

    -systems, social media, random things 

4) Personal/Non-income Tasks

    -anything not pertaining to business


I’ve tried using the notes app on my phone, Evernote, and numerous other online tools, and yet nothing compares to writing everything out. Well, let’s be honest, nothing compares to crossing things off the list once I’m done.

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