$97.00 USD

OKC Real Estate Conference 2022 - ALL SESSIONS

Don't let another year go by without investing in your own growth and success. 

What you'll get:

  • Instant Access - 2022 OKC Real Estate Conference ALL 7 SESSIONS (listed below)

  • Investor Panel

    • Panelists Tez Arbertha, Roshan Kalra, and Jimmy Green discuss marketing to find deals, creative financing, maintaining a winner's mindset, & creating a life of freedom through wealth building. 

  • Working with Sellers & Pricing Homes in a Shifting Market

    • Panelists Jilian Gardner, Jenni Duncan, & Peter Levinson share pricing strategies, effective communication with sellers, & how to stand out from the average agent. 
  • How to Successfully work with & Close Buyers

    • Panelists Cody Hardridge & David Patrick share market statistics every agent should know, what kind of buyers are in the market right now, & incredible scripts & dialogues to help you close more deals.

  • Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

    • Panelists Kate Spivey, Reed Ewing, & Matt Holder share tips & tactics on making social media work for you, mass-producing content, and building an engaged online community that generates referrals.
  • How to build a Referral-Based Business

    • Panelists Kacie Kinney & Brie Green share how they've built massive businesses while keeping relationships at the core, owning a market area, & the systems they use to foster trust with clients.
  • How to See What Others Don't See in Properties

    • Panelists Jeff Wedig, Kate Culp, & Jan Banks-Bromagen share insights as industry-leading service providers, creating opportunities in any market, client/realtor/service-provider relationships, & KPI's to grow your business.
  • Building a Successful Real Estate Business

    • Panelists ElĂ©onore Hutton, Eli Davis, & Kathleen Forrest share tactical and unfiltered advice on building + maintaining a high performance business, the true cost of success, and getting out of your own way to achieve your goals.