The age old quote says, “Knowledge is power.” I’ve blindly believed this quote for the better part of my life, but I’ve found this saying is not true. Think about how many sayings you’ve heard your whole life so many times that you just believe them. Quotes like, “what goes around comes around”, “good things come to those who wait”, etc. are just believed because frankly most of us have never taken the time to actually think about them. Knowledge is a great thing to have, a person doesn’t want to be ignorant, but I’d venture to say that knowledge is NOT power. I’d like to challenge you to change your thinking to, “knowledge is good, but wisdom is power.” 

Before you just take my word for it, please let me explain my reasoning. Since the time we were all kids we’ve been taught not to touch something hot, whether it be the stove or the fireplace. Our parents/adults told us, “If you touch that it will burn you.” We’ve all had that knowledge but I would venture to say that everyone has burned their hand on something in the past; only after our hand got burnt did we gain wisdom. Knowledge is accepting the fact that we know something is true, wisdom is knowing the truth from experience. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of wisdom. One of my favorite chapters in the bible is Proverbs Chapter 8. Chapter 8 of Proverbs is known as the “wisdom chapter”. Proverbs 8:10-11 says, “Choose wisdom rather than silver, knowledge rather than choice gold. Wisdom is better than pearls; nothing is more delightful than wisdom.” I remember the first time I read that verse and I thought, “Wow, what’s this wisdom thing all about? Why is it more important to have wisdom than to have money, fame, glory, etc.?” I set out on a journey to find out why it was so important to have wisdom, and how I could get it. At first I thought that wisdom was something that just came with age, and I would venture to say that’s a true statement, but there’s other ways to get wisdom. 

The reason it’s so important to have wisdom is that only with wisdom do you whole-heartedly believe or know the truth. First and foremost, wisdom comes from God; secondly wisdom comes from experience and trials. Wisdom is the advice your grandparents give you, it’s the lesson you learn from making a terrible mistake, wisdom is reading the same Bible verse 100 times and finally “getting it”. Please understand that I think it’s great to have all the knowledge you can get, but while you’re searching for knowledge don’t forget to chase after wisdom just as much. The next time you hear somebody say, “knowledge is power”, just smile back and say, “knowledge is good, but wisdom is power!”